• Basic Preventive Package In Jaipur

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"Who knew staying ahead of health risks could be so basic? Introducing our Basic Preventive Package—detect dangers before they even have a chance to knock on your door. Act now, seize control, and outsmart future worries with this game-changing medical test. Start your health journey today!"
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Taking care of your health is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. That's why getting a Basic Health Checkup is absolutely essential.

By identifying potential health risks early on, you can take proactive steps to prevent them from becoming major issues. Our Basic Medical Checkup includes a range of tests, such as those for liver and kidney function, hemogram, lipid levels, and blood glucose fasting. With this at-home package, you can conveniently monitor your health and stay on top of any potential problems.

By regularly screening yourself, you can avoid falling ill and ensure your well-being. And when it comes to reliability, look no further than Reliable - India's leading health test @ home service with more than 20 million satisfied customers across 60+ cities. In jaipur we offer the Basic Preventive Package which covers an impressive 57 different parameters, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your health.

Whether you opt for this package or choose another better-suited option, our goal remains the same - to help you keep your health in check. So why wait?

Take charge of your well-being today!

  • What is Haemogram Test?

    A complete hemogram is a blood test that tests your RBCs, WBCs, Platelets, hemoglobin, and hematocrit, etc to get an overall picture of your health. A complete hemogram helps in assessing your health, diagnosing a health issue, track your medical condition or your treatment.

Basic Preventive Package

Virginia G. Cole - January 20,2022

it was a good value for the money!

Virginia G. Cole - January 20,2022

The quality of your report and your results made it easy to identify potential problems.

Virginia G. Cole - January 20,2022

The quality of your report and your results made it easy to identify potential problems.

Brandon H. Morris - January 20,2022

The extractable organics GC/MS work was well documented, the best I have seen from a commercial lab.


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