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Reveal the Secret Vitamin Deficiency Triggering Swelling and Pain with Extended Arthritis Care Package! Bid Farewell to Pesky Arthritis as our Comprehensive Solution Unearths and Tackles Any Underlying Deficiencies So You Can Embrace a Life of Mobility and Comfort Today!
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Are your joints feeling less than stellar? Could it be a sneaky vitamin deficiency causing swelling and pain, ultimately leading to pesky arthritis? Put those suspicions to rest with the Arthritis Care Package - your ticket to uncovering any underlying deficiencies.

This at-home health test package is jam-packed with a whopping 62 tests, including crucial ones like Vitamin D, Thyroid, and RS, complemented by some much-appreciated free doctors' advice. Stay one step ahead of potential illnesses by screening yourself in a timely manner.

And who better to trust with your health than Reliable Extended Arthritis Care? With their stellar reputation and over 20 million satisfied customers across 60+ cities, you can't go wrong. Don't miss out on their extended arthritis care with a whopping 62 parameters, giving you a crystal clear snapshot of your health. Whether you're in jaipur or elsewhere, Reliable has got you covered with a range of packages to suit your needs.

Keep that health in check, folks!

  • Is there a test for blocked arteries?

    "An ECG followed by cardiac markers- CPKMB, TROP T, TROP I, LDH(Less used), lipid profile can check for blocked arteries."

  • What is the best diagnostic test for heart disease?

    "ECG followed by cardiac markers- CPKMB, TROP T, TROP I, LDH(Less used), lipid profile can all help in diagnosing heart conditions."

  • Do blood tests detect heart problems?

    Heart diseases cannot be totally confirmed by blood tests but however indirectly it can highlight if we are at risk of heart disease.

  • How do you diagnose heart disease at home?

    "Heart diseases do not generally show any symptoms early on, the symptoms of a heart attack might some time be the first sign of a heart condition. These include left sided chest pain radiating to the left arm, restlessness, sweating, jaw pain etc. Long term diabetics may also have silent cardiac arrest showing no symptoms or atypical symptoms like epigastric pain or jaw pain so follow up and routine check ups are important."

  • What blood tests detect heart problems?

    "Tests like Lipid Profile (high values indicate dyslipidemia and risk for heart disease), Extended Lipid Profile (Low ApoA1 and high ApoB indicates risk), hsCRP and homocysteine indicates risk. If these values are high and the patient has symptoms like chest pain, restlessness and sweating or is a person having diabetes or hypertension then he should go for CPKMB and troponin markers along with ECG."

Extended Arthritis Care

John Due - January 20,2022

The extractable organics GC/MS work was well documented, the best I have seen from a commercial lab.

David M. Linger - January 20,2022

Very good just what you need every important test covered

Virginia G. Cole - January 20,2022

it was a good value for the money!

Virginia G. Cole - January 20,2022

it was a good value for the money!


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