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Basophils are a type of white blood cell that make up a small percentage of the total white blood cell count in our body.
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Basophils contain granules filled with chemical substances such as histamine, heparin, and cytokines. When activated by immune signals, basophils release these chemicals, specifically histamine, which plays a significant role in allergic reactions and inflammation.

Although basophils have relatively low numbers in our bloodstream, they are crucial in initiating and coordinating immune responses. They help to regulate the intensity and duration of allergic reactions, attract other immune cells to the site of inflammation, and modulate the immune system's overall response. In addition to their role in allergies, basophils have been shown to participate in fighting off infections caused by parasites, particularly helminths. Their granules contain substances that can help immobilize and destroy parasites, helping to protect our bodies from these types of infections.

Monitoring basophil levels through a complete blood count (CBC) can provide insights into certain health conditions. Increased or decreased basophil counts may indicate various underlying issues, including allergic reactions, infections, autoimmune disorders, or certain types of blood cancers.


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