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PCV (Packed Cell Volume) or hematocrit is a parameter measured during a complete blood count (CBC) that provides information about the proportion of red blood cells (RBCs) in a person's blood.
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PCV is expressed as a percentage and represents the volume occupied by RBCs in relation to the total blood volume. It is determined by spinning a blood sample in a centrifuge, which causes the heavier RBCs to settle at the bottom, leaving a clear layer of plasma on top. PCV is measured by calculating the height of the packed RBCs compared to the total height of the blood sample.

PCV's measurements can yield valuable insights into a person's blood health. High PCV levels, known as polycythemia, may indicate conditions such as dehydration, lung diseases, or bone marrow disorders. Conversely, low PCV levels, known as anemia, may suggest deficiencies in iron, vitamins, or other factors that affect RBC production.

Monitoring PCV values helps healthcare professionals diagnose and manage various health conditions related to blood and circulation. It can also provide essential information about the effectiveness of treatments or interventions targeted at improving blood health.

PCV Haematocrit

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