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RDW-CV stands for Red Cell Distribution Width - Coefficient of Variation. It is a measurement obtained from a complete blood count (CBC) that assesses the variation in size of red blood cells (RBCs) in a person's blood sample
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An increase in RDW-CV indicates a greater variation in RBC size, which is known as anisocytosis. This can be an indicator of various conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, blood disorders, or chronic diseases like liver or kidney disease. It can also be useful in distinguishing between different types of anemia.

Conversely, a decrease in RDW-CV suggests more uniform RBC size, known as normocytosis. However, this is not commonly seen in routine blood tests. RDW-CV is typically used in conjunction with other blood parameters to get a comprehensive understanding of a person's red blood cell health.

Monitoring RDW-CV helps healthcare professionals assess and diagnose certain blood disorders, monitor the effectiveness of treatment, and determine the underlying causes of anemia or other related conditions. It plays a crucial role in evaluating a person's overall blood health and aids in providing appropriate care and management as needed.


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