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Transferrin is a type of protein found in the blood that plays a crucial role in iron transport and metabolism.
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Serum Transferrin test measures the level of tranferrin level in the blood which binds to iron and transports it throughout the body. This test helps to detect healthy levels of iron in the blood. It is recommended if a doctor suspects the symptoms of iron deficiency or excess such as fatigue, hair loss, paleness, delayed mental growth, irregular heart rhythm, weight loss and joints pain.

The primary function of transferrin is to bind to iron ions and transport them from the intestines (where iron is absorbed from the diet) to the bone marrow (where red blood cells are produced) and other tissues. It acts as a carrier molecule, preventing free iron from causing damage to cells and helping maintain iron balance in the body.

In addition to its transport function, transferrin also helps regulate iron levels by binding to iron in the blood and controlling its distribution. It delivers iron to cells through transferrin receptors, which are present on the cell surfaces and facilitate cellular uptake of iron.

Measuring transferrin levels in the blood can provide valuable information about iron metabolism and the body's overall iron status. When iron stores are low, transferrin levels can rise to increase iron uptake, while high iron levels can lead to lower transferrin levels.

Transferrin plays a crucial role in maintaining iron homeostasis and ensuring the proper functioning of various biological processes that rely on iron. Monitoring transferrin levels, along with other iron-related markers, can aid in the diagnosis and management of conditions related to iron deficiency or iron overload.


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